Warden Healer


Hello everyone! I originally made this build because I wanted a different play style from my main healer which is a Templar. A warden healer is definitely a change of play style if you are looking for a change.
This setup is a dedicated healer role with no DPS. It is also very easy to sustain and is currently used as a PvE dungeon healer and has not been tested in trials, PvP, etc.

Resource Management

All resources are managed through trash pots, Maelstrom restoration staff, and the Betty Netch

Character Sheet

Magicka: 50 | Health: 14 (I always put at attribute points in my healers health due tothe fact that you DO NOT want a squishy healer.)
Spell Power Cure, Betty Netch, Lotus Blossom, and Ice Fortress were active in this photo

Gear Setup

5pc Jorvuld’s Guidance, 5pc Spell Power Cure, 1 Maelstrom Restoration Staff, 1pc Domihaus

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Weapon 1 Maelstrom Staff Restoration Staff Powered Absorb Magicka
Weapon 2 Spell Power Cure Lightning Staff Infused Crusher
Head Jorvuld’s Guidance Heavy Divines Max Magicka
Chest Jorvuld’s Guidance Light Infused Max Magicka
Shoulder Domihaus Heavy Infused Max Health
Waist Spell Power Cure Light Divines Max Magicka
Hands Jorvuld’s Guidance Light Divines Max Magicka
Legs Jorvuld’s Guidance Light Infused Max Magicka
Feet Jorvuld’s Guidance Light Divines Max Magicka
Neck Spell Power Cure Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery
Ring 1 Spell Power Cure Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery
Ring 2 Spell Power Cure Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery

Gear Selection and Location


Warden Open in build planner »

54M / 10H / 0S

CP Allocation (720)

  • The Tower
    • Warlord – 37
    • Siphoner – 28
  • The Lover
    • Arcanist – 60
    • Tenacity – 75
  • The Shadow
    • Tumbling – 30
  • The Apprentice
    • Blessed – 100
    • Elfborn – 81
    • Elemental Expert – 20
    • Spell Erosion – 22
  • The Atronach
    • Staff Expert – 10
  • The Ritual
  • The Steed
    • Ironclad – 45
    • Spell Shield – 50
  • The Lady
    • Light Armor Focus – 40
    • Elemental Defender – 30
    • Thick Skinned – 20
    • Hardy – 40
  • The Lord
    • Bastion – 10
    • Expert Defender – 5


  • Argonian (recommended)
  • Breton

Mundus Stone

  • The Mage

Buff Food, Potions, Poisons

  • Blue Max Health and Max Magicka food
  • Witchmothers Potent Brew (recommended)
  • Trash Potions/Crit Potions
  • No Poisons

Passives Required

  • Class Passives: All passives
  • Destruction Staff: All passives
  • Light Armor: All passives
  • Heavy Armor: Juggernaut, Resolve, Constitution
  • Restoration Passives: All passives
  • Mages Guild: Not necessary, but can be used
  • Undaunted: All passives
  • Racial: All passives
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use (Not necessary but good for trying other builds later)


***(Healer rotations are totally situational so I recommend using what is best in your current situation)***

Build Credit to iiDespair


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