Magicka Sorcerer (SafeMode Sorc 1 Pet)


Hello and welcome to my first build I deemed worthy of putting up for all to see. This is part 2 of my build and works equally as well for completing content including all dungeon hard modes as well as maelstrom runs! With this build you can achieve 32k DPS on a 3 mil dummy and have a nearly unlimited amount of healing.
Outside of the major one shots you’ll be able to heal through just about anything maintaining your rotation and having a nearly 100% uptime on Bahraha’s Curse. This is a lightning heavy attack build, meaning resource management is not a problem.
As I said before this build is my favorite build for completing maelstrom and solo farming world bosses.

Resource Management

Resources are managed entirely through the rotation and can be supplemented with trash potions. No need for expensive Spell Power Pots!

Gear Setup

Maelstrom Staff: The staff isn’t necessary for this build and you can complete VMA along with everything else without it. However, with the amount of damage that it buffs your light and heavy attacks it will add between 3-4k DPS to this build.

Gear Setup 1

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Weapon 1 Bahraha’s Curse Lightning Staff Infused Flame Damage
Weapon 2 Bahraha’s Curse / Maelstrom Lightning Staff Charged / Nirnhoned Shock Damage/ Weapon Damage
Head Bahraha’s Curse Light Divines Max Magicka
Chest Necropotence Light Divines Max Magicka
Shoulder Molag Kena, Iceheart, Slimecraw Heavy Divines Max Magicka
Waist Necropotence Light Divines Max Magicka
Hands Necropotence Light Divines Max Magicka
Legs Necropotence Light Divines Max Magicka
Feet Necropotence Light Divines Max Magicka
Neck Bahraha’s Curse Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage
Ring 1 Bahraha’s Curse Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage
Ring 2 Bahraha’s Curse Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage

Gear Selection and Location

  • Bahraha’s Curse – Probably my favorite set in the game solely due to its versatility, you can DPS in it, you can tank in it, it’s just an awesome set! Plus, it’s overlooked as a damage set so you can get it super cheap. Comes from Hew’s Bane overland and can be found very affordably in the guild traders
  • Necropotence – overland set from Riverspire, a must have for any pet sorc build
  • Molag Kena – Urgarlag Chief-bane chest from Undaunted pledges
  • Iceheart – Glirion the Redbeard chest from Undaunted pledges
  • Slimecraw  – Maj al-Ragath chest from Undaunted pledges


Links are included for the skills.
Please don’t be a cookie cutter build follower, read the tooltips associated with each skill. The best players are also students of the game. Take the time to understand what you’re doing and why. This knowledge will help you determine if you need to speed up or slow down the rotation when shielding or dodge rolling, either to optimize skill uptime or gain extra resources

CP Allocation (720)

  • The Tower
    • Warlord – 24
  • The Lover
    • Arcanist – 64
    • Tenacity – 75
  • The Shadow
    • Tumbling – 37
    • Shadow Ward – 40
  • The Apprentice
    • Elemental Expert – 56
    • Elfborn – 51
    • Spell Erosion – 31
  • The Atronach
    • Staff Expert – 27
  • The Ritual
    • Thaumaturge – 75
  • The Steed
    • Ironclad – 61
    • Spell Shield – 1
  • The Lady
    • Hardy – 43
    • Elemental Defender – 43
    • Thick Skinned – 61
  • The Lord
    • Bastion – 20
    • Quick Recovery – 11


  • Top Races for this build: Altmer, Dunmer, Breton
  • Note: Don’t let race choice deter you; any race can play any role

Mundus Stone

  • Lover: for solo play
  • Apprentice: for group play (I leave on all the time)

Buff Food, Potions, Poisons

  • Blue Max Health and Max Magicka food
  • Witchmothers Potent Brew if necessary (shouldn’t be)
  • Trash Potions are fine
  • No Poisons required but you can apply to back bar if you feel the need

Passives Required

  • Class Passives: All passives
  • Destruction Staff: All passives
  • Light Armor: All passives
  • Heavy Armor: Juggernaut passive
  • Fighters Guild: Banish the Wicked passive
  • Mages Guild: All passives
  • Undaunted: All passives
  • Racial: All passives
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use (Not necessary but good for trying other builds later)


Drop Elemental Rage Ultimate whenever it’s ready ->
Liquid Lightning -> Light Attack -> Elemental Blockade -> Light Attack -> Volatile Familiar -> Bar Swap ->
Heavy Attack -> Daedric Prey -> Heavy Attack -> Bar Swap ->
Liquid Lightning -> Light Attack -> Elemental Blockade -> Light Attack -> Volatile Familiar -> Power Surge -> Bar Swap ->
Heavy Attack -> Daedric Prey -> Heavy Attack -> Bar Swap and Repeat

DPS Parse Video

Build Credit to TENDER FIDDLES


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