About Us

The Guardians is an Xbox NA guild conglomerate of multiple Guardian guilds; the Gateway, the Alliance, and the Nobility. We are always recruiting good people, and strive to maintain respectful members and leadership. Our voice chat is usually active, as is our Band. We strive to help others as well as introduce newer players to the concepts of the game and enjoy finding new people to group with that want to share in-game content with others. Our guild house is in Pariah’s Pinnacle with all attunable crafting stations, all Mundus Stones, a transmutation station and is beautifully decorated.

Our Gateway guild is for members that are newer to either the game or the guild concept.  We do not charge dues for this guild, however we run voluntary raffles to help fund the Guild Trader for this guild. The trader is not always guaranteed, but we work to keep one active somewhere as a courtesy to our members to help them learn about the Trading aspect. All new members welcome!

Our Alliance guild is our main social/trading guild. The dues to this guild are 4k a week and gets you access to our trader in a main city. The voice chat for this guild is very active as is text chat. If you want to have a high traffic trader, full access to all guildhouse amenities and are ready to make some money, this is the guild for you!

Our Nobility guild is for Trials and Veteran level content. This guild is comprised of mostly internal members that are willing and able to do high end content. If you’re in the Gateway or the Alliance, then you’re automatically eligible for the Nobility guild. We’ll reach out to you when there is availability and time permits!


If you’d like to reach us, the best way is to join us on Band and connect with us there! Click on our current recruitment poster below(or this link) to be automatically linked to our Band page. Long Live the Guardians!